Project Management


Often due to time constraints during the initial stage, Prime Cost and Provisional Sums are included to obtain competitive prices for the overall project. We seek to reduce the number of such sums within the Bills of Quantities to obtains accurate, and as complete a tender, as possible. We would liaise closely with all other Consultants such as Mechanical and Electrical Engineers etc. to ensure that their element of works are contained within the overall budget restraint.

Basic Services

Preliminary Estimate & Cost Control

Preliminary Cost Estimate will be prepared with view to serve initial cost indication to the Client, based on any available information during the inception stage.

Cost Control exercise will be executed at every stage during Pre-Contract and Post Contract with  aim to corroborate that design and specification proposed by Designer is within the Client’s  budget and produce the Best Value/Return to the Client.

Tender Documents Control

The Tender Documents will be prepared comprise of Bills of  Quantities, Conditions of Contract, Drawings, Specification, etc. Each documents shall compliment to each other in contemplation of the Client’s best interest. The Tender Documents will be prepared in accordance with the intended tendering and contracting strategy by the Client.

Supplementary Services

Lead Consultant & Project Management Services

We provide the peace of mind services to our Client, by taking the lead role in a project and coordinating the works with other consultants and contractors. We strive to protect your investment by taking responsibility for cost and quality control.

Value Management Services

We employ techniques in order to define, maximize and achieve optimum ‘value for money’.