Contractual Advisory


A full detailed analysis of the tenderers will be made to ensure that the sums submitted are all comparable. We shall seek to identify any tenders which may be artificially low as a result of ‘exclusions’ and any pattern which may seek to disadvantage the Employer, such as ‘front loading’. We shall compare the respective rats for individuals items to ensure that these are current market rates, with particular regard to items which are more likely to be subject to variation. The full Contract Documents will be provided, completed and forwarded to the Employer and to the respective parties.

Basic Services

Tender Report & Contract Documents

Tender Report will be carried out in accordance with the approved tender evaluation criteria with the aim to award the contract to the best reasonable contractor not limited to the technical and financial capability.

Contract Documents will be prepared by transmuting if from the tender documents, with view to protect the best interest of Client, particularly on the legal aspects.

Supplementary Services

Strategic Procurement & Contractual Strategies

The right procurement and contractual strategy is very important to the Client. Innovative Procurement and contractual strategy will be offered to the Client with view to optimize the Client’s Budget and maximize the best solutions.